Hey there!!

I'm Courtney- mom, dog lover, Starbucks addict and the person behind the camera capturing your most important life moments! I am based out of the Tampa Bay area, but travel to New York often for photography....and bagels...and pizza. Many describe my style of photography as documentary edited film like. You know when your Uncle Pauly is giving the toast at your wedding, reciting the same joke he's told everyone he meets since you can possibly remember? As he's telling it and his furry black eyebrows are raising in animation and then the roar of laughter from your Aunt Joanie, miscellaneous cousins, and their dates as well as the last minute invite accept from your favorite grocery store cashier...I capture all of that goodness!

I specialize in models, mermaids and professional dancers.

I love to capture babies smiling at their parents, sweethearts who are in love and want to photo document going to Target together or climbing a mountain together or just simply being everywhere and anywhere together..., Times Square proposals, Central Park horse carriage proposals, Sims Park proposals, Fred Howard beach proposals...basically all of the proposals both planned and surprise everywhere from coast to coast!

Bring me Families...maternity...parents holding their babies close.. Weddings, big and small.

.The moments I turn into delivered images tell your story from the big parts to the little pauses and all of the memories in between.

“"You don't take a photograph. You make it.”

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Professional dancers

Fashion- Runway and Headshot